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UrbanFUTURE, in partnership with FAMILY, SCHOOL and COMMUNITY,

is dedicated to the success of urban youth through


It is the mission of UrbanFUTURE to change the way we educate urban kids by supplementing established public schools with a solid framework of support because school alone is not enough even at the best schools in the country, and especially in the inner city.

The UrbanFUTURE approach recognizes three key groups – the home, the school, and the community. The UrbanFUTURE Restoration framework aims to restore the bonds among these stakeholders, brokering connections by engaging parents, working closely with teachers, and optimizing community volunteer impact.

UrbanFUTURE Restoration prepares urban students to succeed by: 

• Helping parents learn how to take a leadership role in their child’s education

• Restoring an educational collaboration between the classroom and the home

• Augmenting classroom learning, in partnership with teachers

• Positioning the community as an integral part of the educational process

The combination of these focal points creates a formula for preparing tomorrow’s workforce by providing students with a clear understanding of their vocational options and what it takes to succeed in the job marketplace, as well as providing pathways and connections to achieve their career goals.


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