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The organization that is now UrbanFUTURE was founded as the Meramec Educational Foundation in 1998 by a group of successful St. Louis professionals who were concerned that the youth in the region's core urban neighborhoods were being excluded from the nation's expanding prosperity. It started as an after-school mentoring program stressing a Parent-Mentor-Student relationship. The program emphasized the areas of academics and character development.

In 2001, the program became UrbanFUTURE and moved to the Tower Grove neighborhood of St. Louis City. This was also the year that the one-on-one INSPIRE Mentoring "pilot" program began. IMPACT Tutoring was implemented into UrbanFUTURE programming in, offering students homework help and academic tutoring. In 2005, UrbanFUTURE launched Explore! Careers, which allows students to discover a multitude of career options. The addition of the Explore! careers program completed the UrbanFUTURE Restoration framework, and has been enabling UF to fully prepare students for tomorrow’s workforce. 

In 2012 UrbanFUTURE refined its strategic course, placing all focus and investment on middle school, high school and post-secondary education to achieve the master goal of UF students meriting full-time jobs. At that time, UrbanFUTURE also began to place serious focus on building its infrastructure, with the hiring of many much-needed positions within both management and the school sites. As UrbanFUTURE grows as an organization, more students can be reached and ultimately find their way into tomorrow's workforce.



2823 Olive Street
St. Louis, MO 63103

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